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About Rutland - Company History

The company founder started his life in farming earning a living from sheep sheering and hedge laying and has been involved in electric fencing since 1973. Maintaining a close connection with farmers and country people and understanding their needs has enabled the company to produce top quality, practical products for both farming and equestrian markets. In 1982 the company’s own range of Electric Shepherd® energisers was launched and has now gained an enviable reputation for excellent quality and reliability.

All energisers and most other products are manufactured in the company’s own factory in Oakham or by local suppliers, thereby giving direct control over design, quality and availability. The company also had strong but practical marketing and sales skills and so grew steadily to become the clear market leader within the UK.

Rutland’s philosophy has always been to make solid and reliable products designed for long and trouble free operation which, together with the close working relationships with customers, proved to be a winning formula and ensured a growing and profitable business. In addition to their strong UK market position, Rutland also has a significant export market with sales into most European countries, Africa, the Far East and North America.

With its own in-house research and development team and with most products being manufactured by ourselves, Rutland can react very quickly to market demands and technological advances thus ensuring the end user always has an up to date product.

In 2004, on the retirement of the founder, Les Dickinson, Rutland was sold to Zareba Systems Europe Ltd, a subsidiary of Zareba Systems. In April 2010, Woodstream Corporation completed its merger with Zareba Systems and, as a result, “Zareba” has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. In addition, American Farmworks® , Red Snap’r® and Blitzer® will now join the Woodstream portfolio of brands which include Fi-Shock™, Victor®, Havahart®, Safer® Brand, Perky-Pet® and Mosquito Magnet® among others.
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