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Welcome to Rutland Electric Fencing Company

We are the market leader in electric fencing in the UK. Our products, expertise and distribution network to ensure you obtain the best electric fence for your animal control, whether it is for farm animals, horses, wildlife, vermin or pets.

Electric fencing can provide safe and secure boundaries for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications at a cost lower then conventional fences.

Our web site has been designed to assist you in designing your fence and selecting products from our range of Electric Shepherd energisers, posts, insulators, wire, tape and accessories. We also offer several tips and advice for installation and maintenance of your electric fence. 

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Temporary electric fence systems
This type of fence needs to be moved regularly and can be constructed using battery or solar powered energisers, steel or plastic posts for single or multi wire fences and polywire, tape, rope or nets... more information
Semi-permanent electric fences
These would usually consist of a fence designed to stay in the same place for up to a year or two. They are best used for horses, outdoor pigs, poultry, or to protect a new crop planting from vermin... more information
Permanent electric fences
Good installation is the key for successful permanent fences. Solid corner posts, either softwood or Rutland’s Electro-wood, must be very firmly installed at all corners, changes of fence line direction... more information
3 year UK warranty on energisers when you register at
within 30 days of purchase