Insulators Tips and Advice
Insulators allow you to fasten electrified wire to posts without losing energy through the post. There are many styles to choose from, because the insulator must match both the type of wire and the type of post being used. In addition, modern fence energisers require insulators with greater arcing protection because of their high-energy output.

Insulators are made from materials that do not conduct electricity, most commonly plastic. Using a good-quality insulator is important to the performance and efficiency of your electric fence system.

Rutland Insulators:
Are made from only the highest grade, high density polyethylene or glassacetal resulting in a rugged, durable construction well suited to long life.
  • Provide excellent insulating characteristics.
  • Are UV-protected to resist degradation, even under the harshest conditions.
  • Are designed for easy attachment to any type of fence post and wire.
How to Select Insulators
1. Determine the type of post that the insulator will be attached to.
Wood Post Round Post Corner Post
2. Select the correct insulator based on the type of wire used.
Poly Tape Poly Wire Poly Rope High Tensile