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Electric Netting Tips and Advice
Electrified netting can be very effective for short term fencing on a relatively small scale. Traditionally used primarily for sheep, appropriate sized netting is ideal for fencing small poultry units, plus it has the added advantage of deterring foxes and other predators.

When used to protect vegetables or gardens from rabbits, ensure the bottom wires follow the ground contours and peg down if necessary. Because nets are electrified through all horizontal strands (but not vertical) except the lowest, the ground must be kept free of tall vegetation as touching the electrified wires can short the fence and make it ineffective.

Where possible, place the energiser in the centre of the fence so the current flows both ways. We do not recommend that energisers of greater than 4 joules are used with nets as when damp, arcing can occur across the wires.

Note: Never use netting to fence horned animals as entanglement can cause great distress to the animal.

Ensure that corners are firm as the flexible posts will bend. To keep the net tight, either use the pegs and guy lines provided or anchor corner posts to a fixed post or structure using plastic, non conductive wire to prevent leaning over or sagging.