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ESB137 ESB137 Battery Fence Energiser (08-137)
ESB137 Battery Fence Energiser
Dry battery-powered energiser 0.5 Joules. Good for temporary fencing or longer lengths of strip grazing. 9-volt battery (not supplied) sits inside case. Economy switch slows energiser during the hours of darkness, extending battery life. Crocodile clips with stainless steel jaws included. Low battery indicator light and pulse indicator light.

Recommended for use with:

Power Specifications:
Power Source: 9v 90Ah
Stored Energy: 0.5 Joules
Max Power Use: 38 mA
Open Volts: 8,500v
Number of Nets: 2 Nets
Distance Rating Based on HT wire:
No Vegetation: 6.0 km
Moderate Vegetation: 1.2 km
High Vegetation: 0.6 km
PN: 08-137 £215.79 (Inc. VAT)
Your energiser needs to be properly installed and earthed in order to perform effectively.
Go to our Earthing Tips and Advice page for more information.