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ESM2500 ESM2500 Mains Fence Energiser (09-107)
ESM2500 Mains Fence Energiser
Mains-powered energiser with 7.5 stored joules suitable for permanent fencing. Voltage indicator lights built-in. Audible fault warning alarm sounds if low voltage or earth fault are detected. High and low output terminals for long or short fences.

Recommended for use with:

Power Specifications:
Power Source: 220/230v
Stored Energy: 7.5 Joules
Max Power Use: 10 Watt
Open Volts: 9,500v
Number of Nets: 30 Nets
Distance Rating Based on HT wire:
No Vegetation: 30 km
Moderate Vegetation: 7 km
High Vegetation: 3 km
PN: 09-107 £439.99 (Inc. VAT)
Your energiser needs to be properly installed and earthed in order to perform effectively.
Go to our Earthing Tips and Advice page for more information.

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