Energisers Tips and Advice
How to Test the Earth How to Test Your Fence

Diagram on how to test an electric fence

Short the electric fence to earth using a metal bar or wire, at least 100 metres from the earth stakes. Connect one lead of the voltmeter to the top of the earth stake. Push the other lead/probe into the ground as far away as possible from the earth stake. If the reading is more than 400 or 500 Volts then the earth needs to be improved. Add extra earth stakes at least 2 metres apart and connect with lead out cable. Then re-check the voltage. Finally, remove the short from the fence.

At the furthest end of the fence line from the energiser, measure the voltage with an electric fence volt meter. We recommend using the Digital Electric Fence Tester (Part No. 14-172). A good fence line should have 3,000 volts or more at the end of the fence line. If a lower value is read then it must be improved or the stock will not get a high enough shock and learn to respect the fence.

Diagram on how to use a fence tester